10 Expert Tips for Condo Decoration

Condo owners in Toronto cannot just forego decorating their apartments despite the fact that they are small compared to most homes. However, this does not come by without proper planning. You will have to design the floor to achieve the space and comfort of your desire. Built-ins are bound to create enough space for you. Let us look at some of the tips in ensuring that your condo is well decorated.

Put a graphic image on a door

An artistic impression is achievable for your door. Hall-closet doors are usually attractive and make you fulfill the artistic desire. You have two options here. You can either put up a custom-printed glass or alternatively use a wallpaper. The latter will most probably set in an equal desired effect. For more information call CSG Renovation, we work for you.

Place a table in front of a full-length window

Some condos have wall-to-wall windows. These kinds of windows might frighten you. You can easily mitigate this by placing a couch and a coffee table in front of them. You should also hang brightly colored full-length drapes. This will cover the windows and add on the beauty of the condo.

Throw a couple of bright accessories in the mix

There are a number of accessories that you can use to decorate your condo. Ensure that these accessories are brightly colored. These accessories can be pillows and flowers. There is a guarantee that the result will be fabulous.

Choose dark furniture

Your condo home office can be cozy. However, when you spice it up with dark wooden desks, then you can be sure that your space will even look bigger and beautiful. This is surely what you want your condo office to look like.

Go floor to ceiling with your fireplace

The fireplace wall can be turned into the main point of attraction in a room. Get a glass mosaic that will stretch all the way to the condos’ ceiling. This will be a unique touch to your condo and will guarantee your comfort.

Go monochromatic

When painting the built-ins like those in your open plan kitchen and other rooms, it is advisable that you use the same color. This will set in a very desirable and soothing effect.

Tuck away non-essentials

Your condo is most definitely a small space. It will be in the best of your interests that you keep out only the things that you will often be using. The rest should be hidden away. One of the places where you can hide these is behind louvered doors. This means that they will not be seen unless they are in use.

Paint the ceiling black

When you paint the ceiling of your condo using a dark call, it will make you feel that the room is bigger. This is most preferred for the bedrooms. With mirrors behind the bed, there will be a lot of light in the room.

Create a dressing area

In case you have a small bathroom, you can carve out some space from the bedroom to provide for its expansion. This will make it possible for you to do your make up and dry your hair effectively.

Follow these steps effectively to achieve the best decoration for your condo.