Building a Basement Bar

Homeowners in Toronto view their basements as potential entertainment spots. This room can set in comfort for the family.

The transformation of your basement into an entertainment room can be a very tricky affair. Ensure that the ceiling has a favorable clearance. This will help you in cutting the plumbing and electrical costs. Ensure that the basement is free from leakage, which contributes to dampness. If you have some problems with your house give CSG basement Renovation service a call.

You will have first to take the measurements of the basement and draw the layout. This will clearly outline where the bar and furniture will be located. Homeowners prefer locating bars near the shorter walls.

Build a Basement Bar

You can then proceed to shop for the bar appliances. The fabricated cabinets should also be budgeted for at this juncture. When you are done identifying these fixtures, you can start transforming the basement space into what you want.

Start by constructing a drop ceiling. This will help you in hiding all the pipes and conduits that run across the ceiling. This will mean that you frame your ceiling at two varying heights. This will help you get around the obstructions.

After fixing the ceiling, it is now time to ensure that the basement is insulated against cold. You can install rigid insulators onto the concrete wall. This should be done using a construction adhesive. This will bar moisture and humidity from getting into your basement.

Framing the Skeleton of Your Bar

It is now time to frame the skeleton of your bar. This should be anchored on to concrete. This should be done on the front part of the bar.

At this point, you can install the electrical outlets. There is a need for power outlets on the wall for appliances such as the refrigerator and the kegerator. These outlets should, therefore, be located on the strategic points at which the appliances will be placed. At the back counter, you can install two more outlets. This will help appliances such as the blender. You can then install the ceiling lighting. You can then insulate the furring wall.

You can now hang the drywall onto all the walls using screws. This installation should also be done on the bar framing. You can then proceed to paint the walls with the color of your choice.

At this point, the cabinets can be screwed onto the pony wall in between the walls of the bar. You can then screw plywood on top of the cabinets.

You can then install the bar’s countertops. Depending on your budget and preference, you can install either pre-fabricated laminate tops or granite tops. These should be glued onto the plywood sub-tops. It’s time to drill a hole that will host your beer tap.

At this point, you can install the floor. The floor is susceptible to spills and crumbs. It is advisable that you install a wood floor or a tile. If you opt for wood, you will have to go for the pre-finished engineered wood which must also be installable on concrete. They are usually reliable and very attractive when installed on a basement floor.

You can also consider staining the concrete floor. This is the norm in most commercial bars and restaurants.

You can now install the appliances and the furnishings. Consider gaming tables such as pool tables at this juncture.

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