Condo Bathroom Renovation Guide

A beautiful and luxurious condo bathroom is the dream of every homeowner. There are many processes involved in the renovation process that has to be understood by homeowners. In this article, we will try to help you to understand how important it is to seek the help of professionals to get the bathroom of your dreams in the end.

Day One

This is the day for the demolition of the old bathroom in preparation for the new one. It involves removing the unwanted fixtures such as sinks, bathtubs, showers, cabinets and showering cubicle.  Other installations that are removed include the vanity, the toilet, the floor tile, the shower wall tile and the wall mirror. All these are disposed of in preparation for the renovation works.

Condo Bathroom Renovation Guide

Day Two

The contractor then moves in to smooth the floor. The first step involves grinding of the bathroom floor. The contractor will then install shower drywall. Subsequently, the shower base is installed. The installation of the shower curb then follows.

Day Three

The third day involves the installation of the floor tiles. Since the shower area needs a different set of tiles for safety, they are installed. This gives the floor a better look compared to what was in existence before. There exists a wide range of colors to pick on. Ensure that your kitchen has the colors of your preference. This will give you the comfort you desire, unlike when odd colors are used.

Day Four

On the fourth day, the contractor will continue with the installation of the shower tiles. For effective installation, the contractor will cover the floor tile with tarps. This will protect the floor tiles from destruction and discoloration to give your bathroom a luxurious and clean finish.

Day Five

On this day, the contractor will install the remaining percentage of the shower tile. This day will also involve the undoing of the tarps that had been used to cover the floor tiles. Subsequently, the shower tile on the curb is installed. The contractor can then go ahead to grout both the bathroom floor tile and the shower tile to give them the desired artistic impression.

Guide Condo Bathroom Renovation

Day Six

On this day, the contractor will grout the shower tile. The sink is then installed together with the surrounding storage. This cabinetry should hold the sink and conceal all the associated plumbing apart from providing storage space. Focus then shifts on the walls and the ceiling. For the walls, you can paint using bright colors while for the floor, dull colors will do. For adequate lighting, you can fix the ceiling with light bulbs. You can then proceed to install a marble slab on the curb to give it the final glossy touch.

Day Seven

This should be the last day for the renovation home. It entails the installation of finishes. Here, the contractor will install the glass pane. He will also install the glass shower door. The next step will then be to install the toilet. The bathroom sink and the faucet will then follow suit. Other installations that will be done on this day include the showerhead, the dial and even the spout.