How Long Does a Bathroom Renovation Take

A bathroom renovation should take a week after all the planning procedures have been put in place. There are three faces involved in the renovation process that determine the total length of time taken.


This is a critical stage for it paves the way for the renovation process itself. It is the planning stage for the impending renovation work.

How Long Does a Bathroom Renovation Take

First, you will have to obtain ownership of the property before you even think of renovating it. Usually, it takes up to three months to transfer property to your name. Do not risk starting a renovation exercise before owning the property. The next step should involve posting the same project on a common construction website to attract bids from contractors. This will attract potential contractors who will bid for the job. Pick on those who will have bid within three days.

You can then organize site visits for the bidders within a week or two. This will enable the contractors to understand the site and the scope of the renovation. This will enable the contractors to decide on whether they are still interested in the project or not.

Within a week or two, you can compare and contrast the bids and pick on the contractor of your choice. You can base your decision on experience, professionalism, equipment, cost and time suggested by the contractors. If you are not capable enough to handle the bids, you can consult a real estate agent. You can then proceed and sign the contract. This will finalize the construction schedule. This can take a week.

After finalizing the construction schedule, you should obtain the requisite approvals and permits. There might be delays in getting these approvals depending on the city that you are in. We work in Toronto and GTA.

Bathroom Renovation - How Long Does it Take

You can then go ahead and source for all the materials that you will need for the renovation process. This will help the contractor to finish the renovation process on time. This should be done within a week. If you find out that the product you need is yet to be shipped, you can consult your contractor on the best alternative.


This is the core of the whole exercise. It involves putting in practice the ideas floated and agreed on between you and the contractor. This process starts with the demolition of the old structures. This process can take a day. Items meant to remain ought to be protected with a tarp or even plastic. This is followed by rerouting of the plumbing and electrical works. At this point, you can invite the City inspection team to inspect the plumbing and electrical connections. This should take at most one day, depending on the availability of the inspectors. You can proceed to install the floor of your choice within a day.  The other installations can be completed within a day or two. These include the bathtub, the sink, toilet, built-in shelves, among others. Other fittings such as lighting should come in later. Your bathroom can then be cleaned up by the contractor within a day.


You can then walk in and review the work done by the contractor against the architectural design. Check on the fixtures, the draws and the doors. If you detect any flaw, register it with the contractor. He will have to fix them before handing over the bathroom to you. The inspection should take an hour while the fixing should take one day. You can then proceed to pay the contractor for the service offered.