How Long Does a Kitchen Renovation Take

Time taken to renovate a kitchen is a concern of all homeowners. There is a need for guidance on the time the renovation will take. Contractors usually help their clients to predict this, but we must say that we renovate the basement or kitchen in the shortest possible time, thanks to our professionals and extensive experience.

What the contractor will do in the kitchen:

  • Cabinet Lighting
  • Carpentry Work For Cabinets
  • Cooking Space Renovations
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Custom-Made Countertops
  • Doors
  • Doorways
  • Eating Area Design
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Electrical Work
  • Flooring Options
  • Full Demolition And Tear-Down
  • Kitchen Counter Installation
  • Modern Sinks
  • Paint And Drywall
  • Professional Interior Design
  • Reallocating Faucets
  • Sink Installation
  • Wall Designs And Colors

A kitchen renovation is done in phases. The time for which the remodeling is done is dependent on the complexity of the renovation and the size of the kitchen itself. When you alter the footprint, plumbing and electrical aspects, there is the likelihood of incurring higher costs and time loss in comparison renovations without such details. The stages of renovation are as discussed below.

How Long Does a Kitchen Renovation Take


Before you begin the renovation exercise, it is important that you take care of all the factors that might prolong the renovation period.  You will first have to own the property before you begin the process of renovation. This should be done between one to three months before the beginning of the renovation. In two to three days, you should solicit for bids. Post this project on a construction site. Within the next two weeks, you can plan for a meeting with the contractors at the site. This will give the contractor an insight into the exercise he is about to undertake. After contractors have tendered written bids, you can then decide on the best contractor to assign the renovation task. This review of bids should take a period of at least one to two weeks. Within a week, you should then sign a contract with the contractor. This is a detailed prescription of the improvements that you will make during the construction period. It should also estimate the time frame within which the contract will be executed.

You can then move in to obtain the requisite permits and even approvals. When you are doing major changes such as shifting the gas and plumbing lines, then you will involve the services of architecture to get the plan drawn. This will lengthen the period of approval. You can then move in to source for the materials required for the renovation process. This should be done in conjunction with the contractor to ensure that quality is upheld and the delivery timing is effectively addressed.


The first step in this is demolition. This is done in accordance with the paperwork to pave the way for renovation. This should take at most two days.  The contractor can then reroute the electrical connections and the plumbing after demolishing the walls. This exercise should take one to four days. You can then invite the city inspection team to assess and approve the renovation.

How long does a kitchen renovate takes

The next step should be the installation step. Here, you will fix the cabinets and countertop among other installations. This process should take a period of between one and two days. Installation of the other appliances such as lighting and fixtures can take up to another five days. The renovated area can then be cleaned in one day.


After the construction, you can have a walk with the contractor in the renovated kitchen to assess the quality of work done. If you note any problem, register it with the contractor to fix it before leaving the site. This process should take an hour. In case of an anomaly, the contractor should fix it within five days.