What You Need For Condo Renovation

A considerable number of inhabitants of Toronto live in condos. This has been the trend for the past few decades. The cost has been rising and as such condo owners keep repairing them in order to fetch more when they put them up for sale. Let us discuss some of the requirements you should have in place.

  • 1. Involve the Condo Corporation

You will have to get a permit for the condo renovation exercise. This might involve obtaining electrical permits. These permits are usually given by the condo corporations. Make sure that you involve the board from the start of the project by submitting a proposal. The property manager will guide you on how best to go about this. If your indeed of a professional that can get the CSG condo Renovation done right check out our services, today!

What You Need For Condo Renovation

  • 2. Deposits/Insurance

It is important that you either pay a deposit for the condo or obtain an insurance cover before embarking on the renovation. This will help in compensating for any damage that might result from the renovation process. These damages are likely to occur to the elevators or the hallway. Go for a cash deposit. You will get a refund if no damage is reported.

  • 3. Find out work hours

It is also necessary to find out the period within the day that you are allowed to renovate your condo. In most condos, renovations are only allowed for during the working days and within the working hours. Having knowledge about what time to work will be of great essence when planning.

  • 4. Book parking and elevators

In most condos, you will only have one parking space. Your contractor might be coming in a vehicle hence demanding for an extra parking space. Plan well in advance to get a parking slot for the construction workers. This will also save the workers pressure associated with carrying the construction materials conveniently. The elevator will equally help in ferrying the materials. Ensure you book and pay for one.

  • 5. Materials transport and disposal

Ensure that there is a reliable means of transport for your materials and the equipment. It is also necessary to plan how you will dispose of the debris. This will help you a great deal to keep to the safety standards.

  • 6. Find out the limitations on what can be renovated

Condos usually have shared spaces. These limit the kind of renovations that you can do for your condo. Some damages on your condo might have very negative effects on the condo next door or on the floor under. You will have to keep off the classified areas.

  • 7. Common Elements and Common Areas

This is just an extension of the previous step. You will need to get permission from your neighbor that will be affected by the renovations. If you fail to do this, then it will be a costly affair as the renovations will be undone. Conform to the set rules and regulations.

  • 8. Plumbing/Electrical

In a condo, plumbing options are always limited. This is because most of these systems are usually shared. This makes it impossible even to move the sinks and the toilets. This also applies to the showers. The same befalls electrical connections. Interfering with these connections are likely to affect your neighbors.

  • 9. Be flexible

In some instances, you will find out that some of the plans you had for the renovation are not possible. You should be flexible enough to embrace the changes and accept changes made by the contractor to meet your renovation goals.

  • 10. Be thorough

When you observe the rules that we have enumerated here, you can be assured of a thorough renovation at the end of it all. You will have attained the desire of renovating your condo effectively in Toronto.