5 Simple Home Renovations

For a home that is outdated and needs renovation, and yet the owner cannot afford an expensive improvement, the following cost-effective ways will always come in handy.5 Simple Home Renovations

Applying a new coat of paint

The wall colors are usually easy to ignore, but the mere addition of a fresh coat of paint present the easiest to convert an aging house back into its youthful days. Visiting the nearest home improvement store with a few pictures of the rooms to be painted is the best way a novice can get the best results on their walls. It only takes the admission of that weakness and inviting the experts to help to get amazing results.

Installing decorative light fixtures

To make the home livelier, it is sometimes useful to brighten it by adding some beautiful light fixtures. This helps to do away with the gloom that a dimly-lit home presents. It takes less than one day and about $5,000 to have these fixtures and a brighter home. The secret usually involves getting the latest and most fashionable designs for the installations. It means one will have to liberate themselves from the old fashion lighting system that might have fancied dim lighting.

Re-Caulking and Retiling the bathroom

The bathroom is among the most sensitive and tricky parts of your house when it comes to renovation. And it becomes a bigger problem if one has just one bathroom because it makes life so difficult. The big problem here becomes how to shower or even brush one’s teeth. However, this can be overcome by just having an alternative option to help for the time during which the bathroom is under renovation.

Simple Home Renovations Steps

The process usually begins by re-caulking the area around the showers, the sinks tubs ad toilets. This helps to eliminate the filthy grime. After that, the floor is fitted with new tiles. It is, however, prudent to hire an expert if one is not sure to do it right. It is better to spend on the expert than having to buy the materials again because of mishandling or wrong installation. The whole budget typically hangs around $5,000.

Recycling or donating the excess (clutter)

Having so much clutter can sometimes unnecessarily make the house ugly. Cleaning the house and removing the clutter helps to restore some sanity. Anything that is not worth being in the house can be given out free. If there is anything that seems to have some market value, it can be sold, especially online. The proceeds can be used to buy a few fresh items that befit the new look of the house.

Giving the kitchen built-ins a fresh updated look

Like the bathroom, the kitchen is another stressful place when it comes to renovation. However, installing new cabinet knobs, countertops and drawer pulls will cost very little, and yet lead to a beautiful new look.

These five tips present a straightforward means to renovate a house, and outdo the notion that home renovation has to be an expensive affair.

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