You may be searching for an extra, spacious, and properly designed bedroom to accommodate your children, visitors or just an alternative bedroom to shift to. A basement bedroom by CSG Renovation might be the best solution for you. We offer space utilization design options, floor plans and provide working suggestions customized for your family and self-entertainment. These include a furnished cellar and a choreographed play space, among others.

Finishing a basement can be a challenging project to attempt on your own. It includes cleaning the room, removing old stuff, repairing cracked floors, placing a carpet, fitting your bed and installing other necessary items such as lighting and the closet. This is why we come in to offer the solutions. Determined to be the best basement renovation company in Toronto, CSG Renovation team of experts are ready to deliberate on the possibilities with you, including any essential fittings such as lighting, heating, extra bathroom, closet building, plumbing for sinks and many more additions. Our technicians will engage with you to create the basement bedroom that you desire. We will ensure all wiring needs, plumbing, safety features and many more are properly done.

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Leave it to us

At CSG Renovation, we have a team of experts who are able to finish your project on time, and within your desired budget. From designing your basement to building it into an efficient, working space, you can walk with us. Do you want to install a vibrant shower boat in your bedroom? Or you want romantic disco lights to color your basement bedroom to kick away the boredom? Leave it to us, and you shall be able to relish a fully operational basement bedroom in as little as three weeks.

CSG Renovation provides high-quality basement renovations and basement finishing all across the Toronto area. While observing your set budget and time, we use only the best tools to create a functioning, livable space that includes all parts and details such as storage, wiring for entertainment, plumbing for a bathroom and much more. You will not have to pay a single cent before you are happy and fully satisfied with the finished product. You can also contact us any time to get the full project consultation to help you visualize the end product. This service comes at no extra coast.


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Enjoy an increased home value

A new basement bedroom will not just help you now, but it will come as a more valuable asset for current and future use. Several home buyers are currently looking for homes with finished basement spaces. Being in a position to provide an extra room with more functionalities is a much better way to entice more customers and grasp in more income.

You will be able to host your family and friends without thinking about congestion in your master bedroom or your children’s bedroom. A basement bedroom also pulls you out of distraction from the frequent entry of your visitors who come in through the ground floor. You also stay away from noise by children playing at the ground floor, particularly so close to your master bedroom. Instead of staying idle, dusty, dumpy and a waste of space, renovating your basement into a flashy bedroom is a good idea to nourish.

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