We are the perfect experts when it comes to home renovations in Markham. Whether you want to renovate, restore or improve your home in Markham, we always give you the best services. Is it your bathroom or kitchen that needs renovation, or are you planning to make some substantial addition? That is what we are good at. We are always here to tackle all your home and commercial renovation needs.

Therefore if you are in Markham and planning a fix to revamp your home exterior in preparation for the approaching chilly weather, we’re waiting for you to request a quote. Our seasoned experts have all it takes to help you with renovating your bedrooms, patios, decks and any other area.

Markham Home Renovation Contractors

There comes a time when the splendor of your house deteriorates, and all you want is a new face that will make it more comfortable and satisfying to your feelings. You will need a highly-skilled expert to give your home a new look that will delight you. Well, that is precisely what Markham home renovations stand out for. We make your dreams real and reignite your joy by making your house your pride once again.

We are located in Markham, with a mission to give your home a fresh and better face from what it currently has. With the best and most experienced experts, we ensure the best lifestyle for you by bringing the most comfort out of your home. For more details on how we intend to make your home makeover dream come true, just give us a call.

Our Work

Why Should You Choose Us

Knowing too well the tremendous aesthetic respect that Markham commands in the world, our passionate and dedicated team of experts have acquired all it takes to adorn your house or place of work with all the beauty that nature brings to make it fit there. We do our best to attain your dreams within your limitations in money or space. Our team of skilled experts has what it takes to execute perfect home renovation in Markham.

Our home remodeling works:
  • plan
  • paint
  • fixtures
  • accessories
  • hand selected materials
  • plumbing
  • electricity
  • gas
  • commercial remodeling
  • bathroom renovations
  • kitchen renovations
  • interior design
  • residential renovation
  • condo renovations
  • painting services
  • popcorn ceiling removal
  • tile installation
  • home renovation
  • office renovations
  • custom arches
  • custom built-ins
  • flooring services
  • custom trim work
  • wainscoting
  • custom arches
  • ceiling designs
  • сustom closets
  • design-build remodeling
  • high rise renovations
  • outdoor living
  • room additions
  • design planning

We Add Value to Your Properties

It is usual for our clients to want to know if home remodeling or renovation will be of any benefits to the value of their homes. Look at it this way: you are creating more space, or adding more beauty to your house, or achieving both. This is an adjustment that is bound to increase the return on interest on your home, and it always does it up to 80%. If you were wondering how beneficial home renovation would be to your house, wait until you sell it-you will enjoy the real fruits of revamping your home.
Home Renovations in Markham

House Renovation Benefits

The benefits of renovating your house are so many. Below are just a few of them.

  1. Your house becomes more beautiful
  2. Reinvents your home
  3. More use for the house
  4. Value addition
  5. More comfort
  6. Fixes some damages
  7. No worries about having to migrate

When you get our experts to renovate and remodel your house, you are sure to get these and more benefits.

Our areas of operation

We perform renovations and repair works in houses in Markham, Toronto and all around in the Greater Toronto Area including:

Also we offer basement renovations and repair works for your house in the Greater Toronto Area including:

CSG Renovation Inc. specializes in providing a wide array of general and customized services to residential and commercial setups. Give us a call today to avail a free service estimate or book a contractor visit at (647) 428-0007.