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Jul 07,2023

Our condo renovation was a very stressful process, but luckily the least stressful part was working with Zeev and Vitalii. We were given a four to six weeks estimate and they completed the renovation in four weeks and two days, which is great and we are very happy with the result.

May 13,2023

It was a really great experience – from the very beginning when we meat Zeev for the first time, and all the way through the end, when we had our handshakes upon the project’s completion. Every aspect of the project, each step in it, every detail, question, requests, suggestion, changes, additions – all was so easy to communicate. Knowledge about condo’s rules, their specifics, readiness to follow each and all of those requirements, friendly chats, help and advise – all that was a norm during the project.
In simple words: a stressless renovation everyone would wish for.

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Your Dream Space, Right on Schedule! Zeev, Founder
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Condo Renovation Process

      Why Choose CSG Renovation?

      Usual renovation experience
      • Management problems
      • Unclear price changes
      • All materials hassle on you
      • Minimal or no design
      • Unprofessional labour
      CSG Renovation
      • Start-to-finish customer support
      • Upfront transparent proposal
      • Materials ordered & delivered
      • Experienced design help
      • Professional, certified contractors

      Condo Kitchen Renovation Company in Toronto

      Is your kitchen in a condo outdated and needs renovation to enhance its look, feel and functionality? Worry no more! CSG Renovation is here to help bring life into your culinary space as we do kitchen reno and remodelling. Kitchen renovation in a condo entails changing how your kitchen looks by upgrading or replacing items, appliances, lighting, and so much more.

      As a condo renovation company in Toronto, including townhouse renovation, we have a team of certified labourers specializing in condominium kitchen rebuilding in Toronto, such as cabinet revamping, lighting overhaul, backsplash installation, appliance replacement, flooring makeovers, and countertop upgrades

      Additionally, we address issues related to condo board compliance, space optimization and quality craftsmanship. While renovating a kitchen in the condo is an ideal way of enhancing your space, it is always essential to consider factors like Toronto condo rules, materials to use, timeline, space constraints, functionality, and renovation cost. Contact us anytime at (647) 428-0007. We will be more than happy to help remodel your kitchen or with full condo renovation!

      What’s Included in Our Toronto Condo Kitchen Renovation Services

      We independently execute an entire project while ensuring we meet our client’s expectations. Moreover, we delegate tasks to various team members to make the process quick and monitor the renovation process from start to finish. Our other condo kitchen rebuilding services are highlighted below:

      • Design: At CSG Renovation, we create our own renovation projects with the client’s vision and needs at the back of our heads and also show you samples and drawings to know what to expect. We also select the required renovation materials, making the work easier for you. Furthermore, we are in charge of acquiring the permits. Once the project has been approved, we hand in hand realise it with our own team, and if it is a design project created by other specialists, we, without a doubt, execute it and ensure it satisfies you.

      • Electrical Work: There are several crucial electrical work tasks involved when it comes to renovating a kitchen. These tasks include replacing wiring if necessary, wiring for new items, modifying wiring, adding circuits for kitchen appliances like microwaves and ovens, positioning light switches as per the design plan, branching out lighting and much more. Luckily, we have a team of electricians who do all the electrical work, therefore ensuring safety and compliance with electrical codes and functionality.

      • Plumbing: When remodelling kitchens in a condominium, plumbing work plays a significant role in ensuring there is efficient water management, overall kitchen functionality and safety. Therefore, tasks such as evaluating existing plumbing, assessing water supply and drainage, relocating pipes if necessary, installing and connecting appliances (appliance plumbing), appliance hookups and fixture placement have to be done by certified professionals. At CSG Renovation, we have certified experts who do all plumbing work and tasks during kitchen repairs. All you have to do is relax and let them do their work.

      home renovation in Mono

      • Installation of Furniture and Equipment: Our team of professionals are good at installing furniture like cabinets, drawers, pantries, countertops, sink appliances, dishwashers, refrigerators, cookers, kitchen islands, faucets, ceiling lights and under cabinet lights, among other equipment and furniture. They handle everything with care, whether it’s starting a condo kitchen renovation or any assigned condominium kitchen remodel task in Toronto.

      CSG Renovation seamlessly handles condo renovation, condo bathroom remodeling, kitchen repair and reconstruction based on the client’s needs. One thing to note is that kitchen repairs are divided into three types: cosmetic, custom kitchen, removal and reinstall, and our team is trained to handle all three types. The team helps increase the appraisal value of your property by remodelling and updating your kitchen, solving issues like lack of storage, unoptimized layout, and daily usability. You can contact us by phone (647) 428-0007

      Our Toronto Best Condo Kitchen Renovation Process

      Usually, we are a company that has a process in place for all our renovations, including apartment kitchen remodels. Here is a breakdown of the key points in the sequence of work for a kitchen repair service:

      1. Get a free consultation and quote: We discuss your ideas for your condo and vision, budget, and timeline and then do a site visit to assess your existing kitchen. We provide you with a design consultation and a detailed proposal showing the process and the total cost.
      2. Design and Planning: CSG Renovation-certified designers create a functional and optimized layout, maximizing your dream kitchen space and usability. We also offer 3d design and 2d design or renderings to give you a clear visualization.
      3. Renovation Permits and Approval: We handle all paperwork and ensure that your renovation project complies with the building codes for modern condo units and rules in Toronto.
      4. Renovation Work: After approval of the project, our team will start renovating your kitchen. The tasks involved included demolition, plumbing and electrical, structural changes, laminate, countertop, electrical outlets and cabinetry installation, appliance installation, flooring and subflooring, tiling and backsplash, painting and final touches. 
      5. Post Renovation: This is usually after the project is complete, where we do the final inspection, cleanup and garbage removal and also provide warranty for workmanship and materials plus customer support to address any issues. 

      Condo Kitchen Renovation Cost in Toronto

      Renovating your kitchen to look like a new kitchen space or a modern kitchen that complements your seating area or a corner space in your house requires money. Typically, the average cost for a whole kitchen renovation project is around $30,000, with estimates ranging from $15,000 to $45,000. The renovation cost is influenced by factors such as the project’s scope, labour, unexpected issues, permits, materials and finishes, and the renovation company used. Also, designs like modern, L-shaped kitchens, U-shaped kitchens, and Peninsula kitchens can influence the cost. 

      Additionally, things like built-in appliances, pull-out cabinets, magnetic knife racks, multifunctional furniture for the kitchen, vertical storage or fold-down tables may contribute to a slight increase in the total cost. Thus, consulting with a professional condo kitchen renovation company in Toronto like CSG Renovation is important to have precise cost estimates for your project. 

      Call us at (647) 428-0007!

      We Make All Types of Renovation Simple

      We are qualified to do work in all renovation services in Toronto and GTA.

      CSG Renovation is a company that offers quality service and 100% customer satisfaction. We make legal basement renovation, office and commercial renovation, townhouse and condo renovation, residential home renovation simple, with our qualified team we take pride in taking care of all your renovation needs under one roof.

      About Us

      We’re looking forward helping you

      Don’t wait to get on the home project you’ve been thinking about. Our team has alot to offer you!


      Frequently asked question and all you want to know!
      How long does condo kitchen renovation take?

      On average, a complete kitchen remodel takes 8-12 weeks to complete.

      But, each project is unique and contains a different amount of work. If you are planning a refreshing renovation, it will take less time.

      For an exact timeframe, contact our managers at (647) 428-0007.

      What is your Toronto condo kitchen renovation process?

      Our standard condo kitchen renovation process has the following steps:

      1. Free consultation and estimate.
      2. Design and planning.
      3. Obtaining permits and approvals for renovations if required.
      4. The renovation includes electrical work, plumbing, finishing and furniture installation.
      5. Final hanging and handover of the project.
      Do I need design ideas for your condo kitchen renovation?

      It’s not required. If you have ideas and/or preferences, please share them with us; we will be sure to incorporate them into the project. If, however, you don’t know what you want, our designers will help you with ideas and suggest options.

      How should I prepare for condo kitchen renovation?

      If you intend to prepare for a kitchen renovation, here’s what you can do:

      1. Think about how your life will be organized during the renovation because you will not be able to use the kitchen.
      2. Talk to your manager about what you will need to do to help the renovation team.
      3. Pack all your belongings for temporary storage.
      4. Clear paths of passage for the handymen.
      Can I expect ROI from condo kitchen renovation in Toronto?

      Yes, the return on investment from a kitchen remodel can range from 75% to 150%.

      What type of flooring would be good for my condo kitchen?

      Since durability is important in the kitchen, the most durable and sturdy options here will be ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles, stone floors or parquet. They are strong enough to withstand the load.

      How much does it cost to renovate a condo kitchen in Toronto?

      The average cost of a kitchen remodel is around $30,000. That said, projects vary, and each customized project can cost more or less. For a free estimate consultation, contact our managers at (647) 428-0007.

      How long does it take to remodel a 10x10 kitchen in a condo?

      The length of the renovation depends not so much on the size of the kitchen but on the amount of work involved.

      The average renovation time is 8-12 weeks. If you are doing a cosmetic renovation, this time will be shorter. If you are doing a major renovation, it will be on the upper limit.

      What are the three most expensive items in a kitchen remodel?

      Top 3 expensive purchases for the kitchen:

      1. Kitchen cabinets (customized design, manufacturing, mechanisms + installation).
      2. Kitchen appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, stove, etc.).
      3. Table tops, especially natural stone.
      Should I move out during the condo kitchen remodel?

      In the case of kitchen remodeling with CSG Renovation, you should take care of the fact that you will have to move out. Because we take on full-blown renovations like major renovations, which means you won’t be able to use the kitchen for quite some time.

      Plus, the noise and trash on a daily basis can be no small hassle.

      On average, a complete kitchen remodel takes 8-12 weeks to complete.

      But, each project is unique and contains a different amount of work. If you are planning a refreshing renovation, it will take less time.

      For an exact timeframe, contact our managers at (647) 428-0007.

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      Your Dream Space, Right on Schedule! Zeev, Founder
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