Condo Renovation

CSG Renovation is proud to serve condo renovation in Toronto and all across the Greater Toronto Area. CSG Renovation Company is one of the renowned construction companies for top quality condo renovation projects. We deliver high-quality construction services with impeccable quality within agreed deadlines.

Condo Renovation Toronto

We are proud to share that our team has highly skilled and certified construction professionals. Starting from electricians, plumbers, carpenters to certified architects, structural engineers, and interior designers, everyone strives to do their best. They perform their service with the goal to make your dream condo renovation come true.

The first step in the condo renovation project is when our project manager has a meeting with your condo manager to understand the specific condo rules and guidelines.

The condo remodeling work starts once your condo corporation is in agreement with the renovation plan. Any restrictions and condo stipulations are adhered to and incorporated in the detailed condo renovation plan. The actual construction starts once the permission to start the work is received.

Each member of our highly professional and committed team makes sure that all the condo regulations are abided by to ensure seamless work operations. Keeping the condo corporation involved right from the beginning helps prevent any future work interruptions. It is also vital to check if a deposit or an insurance would be required. Any one of these options will be mandatory to cover any possible future damage to the common areas arising as a direct result of your condo renovation.


All the elevators are booked in advance as per the condo renovation plan. Doing this helps to dispose of the debris and other construction materials in the correct manner. Zero litter policy also remains in effect during the entire construction time period.

Condo Renovation Services

When Condo Renovation Services are needed, CSG Renovation Company offers a wide range of services which includes:

  • Preparing a detailed construction plan for the condo renovation and remodeling project
  • Applying and obtaining necessary work permits in advance to ensure smooth operations
  • All interior renovations and finishing work including casings, crown molding, and millwork
  • Drywall works
  • All plumbing and electrical work
  • Complete renovation of the kitchen including brand new cabinets and countertop installation
  • Full remodeling of the bathroom including converting tubs into walk-in showers and installing new sinks
  • Creating an open concept hall, lobby and kitchen by removing walls
  • Complete flooring in the condo including engineered hardwood and porcelain tile
  • All painting and decorating works
  • Perform daily clean-up activities after completion of the daily work as per schedule

Condo Renovation Cost

Are you planning to get a condo renovation this year?

Cost of the renovation activities is undoubtedly one of the key questions which comes to your mind. The answer to this simple question comes when you review the work requirements and your expectations.

Simply put, deciding the cost of the condo renovation is based on many factors. The actual work activities desired, the work quality expectation levels, the actual surface area of the condo and the materials to be used in the construction activity, have a bearing upon the final condo renovation price.

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