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Jul 07,2023

Our condo renovation was a very stressful process, but luckily the least stressful part was working with Zeev and Vitalii. We were given a four to six weeks estimate and they completed the renovation in four weeks and two days, which is great and we are very happy with the result.

May 13,2023

It was a really great experience – from the very beginning when we meat Zeev for the first time, and all the way through the end, when we had our handshakes upon the project’s completion. Every aspect of the project, each step in it, every detail, question, requests, suggestion, changes, additions – all was so easy to communicate. Knowledge about condo’s rules, their specifics, readiness to follow each and all of those requirements, friendly chats, help and advise – all that was a norm during the project.
In simple words: a stressless renovation everyone would wish for.

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Your Dream Space, Right on Schedule! Zeev, Founder
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Townhouse Remodeling Process

      Why Choose CSG Renovation?

      Usual renovation experience
      • Management problems
      • Unclear price changes
      • All materials hassle on you
      • Minimal or no design
      • Unprofessional labour
      CSG Renovation
      • Start-to-finish customer support
      • Upfront transparent proposal
      • Materials ordered & delivered
      • Experienced design help
      • Professional, certified contractors

      All About Townhouse Renovation

      Townhouse renovations fall under the category of major home renovations, but have a number of differences from other types of renovations such as condo renovations and detached home renovations.

      Unlike condominiums, townhouses have a foundation and their own facade. Unlike houses, they share common walls and utilities with neighbours. Thus, there are some additional factors to consider when renovating, such as restrictions on relocating utilities and obtaining permits related to the presence of common elements with neighbours.

      CSG Renovation knows the rules and procedures for obtaining permits for renovations and has experience in dealing with structural issues. This is also true for basement renovation when you want to remodel your basement. For a personalized consultation, call our managers at (647) 428-0007 today.

      • Structural changes such as foundations, floors and walls cannot be made without a building permit and approval from the HOA.
      • The exterior of the townhouse, including windows, doors and roof, may not be altered without HOA approval.
      • Finishing work can only be started after making sure that there are no problems with the foundation and supporting structures.

      The Townhouse Renovation Steps

      • Planning: First and foremost, before starting the renovation process, one needs to have a detailed plan, budget, a specified timeline, scope of work, and a professional architect and designer to help make work easier.
      • Acquiring of Permits: What follows is the obtaining of the necessary permits from HOA, if required, as well as the city or municipality.
      • Assessment and Identification of Potential Problems: Thirdly, a thorough assessment of the common elements, such as walls and rooms, is conducted, and all the potential issues related to plumbing and foundation are identified.


      Townhouse Renovation in Toronto

      Townhouse remodelling Toronto

      • Strategic Approach: The fourth step involves having a strategic approach to help address any problems with the common elements of the townhouses.
      • Execution of Work: This includes demolition (if necessary), construction, remodelling, and final finishes.
      • Finishing Touches: finishing touches such as painting, installing flooring and connecting appliances are usually the last stage of the townhouse renovation process.


      Our Townhouse Renovation Company

      Living in a townhouse doesn’t have to mean living by the common rules. We help you set your own!

      CSG Renovation regularly faces challenges unique to townhouse residents when remodelling or renovating. As professionals in our field, we have the knowledge and experience to navigate the rules, restrictions and prohibitions associated with townhouse living and guide you through every step of the remodelling process.

      We find solutions that stay within the rules yet allow you to get exactly what you want with your townhouse. This is true for a cottage renovation or even a commercial renovation. It is more complicated, but it gives much more satisfaction both to us in professionalism and to the clients in the result.

      Our comprehensive services include:


      • Construction and Project Management
      • Townhouse Renovation Planning & Detailed Construction 
      • Full Townhouse Renovation & Custom Remodeling
      • Complete Bathroom Renovations & Remodeling
      • Kitchen Renovations & Cabinet and Countertop Installation

      townhouse living room area in Toronto

      townhouse renovations in Toronto


      • Plumbing & Electrical Work
      • Interior Renovations & Finishings (Casings, Crown Molding, and Millwork)
      • Drywall
      • Complete Flooring, Hardwood & Tiling
      • Assistance with Obtaining Necessary Permits

      Don’t let the challenges of townhouse living hold you back, and let CSG Renovation help you get the most out of your townhouse living experience. Call us now at (647) 428-0007!

      Mistakes in Townhouse Renovations

      Approaching the project as if it is a condominium renovation

      This happens the majority of the time because condos and townhouses share some similarities, such as the layout and size. However, it is always important to keep in mind that townhouses and condos have a difference, which can significantly impact the renovation process. 

      Perceiving a townhouse renovation as a condo renovation can lead to complications primarily concerning shared walls and rooms. Thus, it is important to understand that townhouses have their own foundation. For instance, in condos, a problem such as cracks on the wall might be perceived as surface-level, but it may indicate deeper foundation issues in townhouses. And it is this problem that needs to be addressed first.

      Failure to obtain the necessary permits for townhouse repairs

      It is very important to obtain the necessary permits not only for interior renovations, but also for any work related to common townhouse elements such as walls and plumbing (possible structural changes). Failure to obtain the necessary permits can lead to problems in the long run, such as disputes with neighbors and fines from the municipality or city.

      So we’ll also take into account everything you need and help you get authorization for other services like condo bathroom renovation as well.

      Lack of thoughtful layout

      Townhouse renovations often require detailed planning to avoid potential disruptions and problems with neighbours. For example, if you want to move the bathroom or kitchen to another room, and you share communications with your neighbours. This can be done, but it is worth planning additional work.

      CSG Renovation is a reliable company offering services such as townhouse remodelling in Toronto. The company employs professionals who have extensive experience with all the nuances of townhouse remodelling. We are well-prepared to handle projects involving common areas, walls, and foundations.

      With the experience of our craftsmen and extensive knowledge in townhouse renovations, clients receive top-notch services while complying with all necessary permits and restrictions. So, if you need townhouse renovation services in Toronto, don’t hesitate to contact CSG Renovation – we are always ready to help. In other projects as well, we adhere to the principle of ergonomics. For the condo kitchen renovation, this has one of the greatest importance.

      We Make All Types of Renovation Simple

      We are qualified to do work in all renovation services in Toronto and GTA.

      CSG Renovation is a company that offers quality service and 100% customer satisfaction. We make legal basement renovation, office and commercial renovation, townhouse and condo renovation, residential home renovation simple, with our qualified team we take pride in taking care of all your renovation needs under one roof.

      About Us

      We’re looking forward helping you

      Don’t wait to get on the home project you’ve been thinking about. Our team has alot to offer you!

      Why Us

      Frequently asked question and all you want to know!
      What are the features of townhouse renovations in Toronto?

      The main feature of townhouse renovations is that the approach to renovation is different from renovating houses or condos. And it’s important to have a team that has experience with townhouse renovations specifically and will be able to pay attention to important points, including:

      1. the importance of inspecting the foundation before starting work for integrity (so that you don’t have cracks in the walls in the finished renovation, for example)
      2. nuances in the possibilities of redevelopment
      3. the need to take into account common walls and sewerage with neighbours
      4. the need to obtain permits for certain types of work
      What are the differences between townhouse renovation and house renovation?

      Townhouses, unlike houses, have common walls with neighbours may have common sewerage and other areas (courtyard, etc.) This affects the renovation possibilities and the need for additional approvals and sometimes even permits.

      Is approval required for townhouse renovations in Toronto?

      You may need to obtain a permit, especially if you are planning structural changes such as demolishing or adding walls, adding a window, renovating a basement, or moving plumbing fixtures.

      What are some of the difficulties I may encounter during a townhouse renovation?

      To answer the question, we will look at the problems that you usually cannot foresee before the renovation begins:

      1. сracks in the foundation, which entail cracks in the walls and damage to the waterproofing and thermal insulation
      2. defects in the wiring and the need to replace it unscheduled
      3. mould
      4. sewage problems

      These problems are more common in buildings that have been in use for many years than in new buildings. The CSG Renovation team has experience with townhouses and will perform a full inspection to identify potential hidden problems.

      How much does it cost to renovate a townhouse?

      On average, repair prices will be as follows:

      1. light repairs – $10-$60 per square foot
      2. medium repair (for example, with kitchen replacement) – $100-250 per square foot
      3. major renovation – $120-$280 per square foot

      However, every project is different, and to get an accurate estimate for yours – contact our managers at (647) 428-0007 for a consultation.

      Do you renovate the exterior of a townhouse?

      Yes. You will need a permit for this, and once obtained, we will carry out any necessary work.

      Can you do an extension to my Toronto townhouse?

      Yes, this is part of our services. You will need to obtain planning permission for the extension, and we will then carry out all the necessary work, including creating the design.

      How long does it take to renovate a townhouse in Ontario?

      The renovation time depends on the area of the remodel and the complexity of the service.

      On average, a light repair will take 4-6 weeks, and a major repair 4-6 months.

      We work individually with each project and discuss the timeframe with the client depending on needs, constraints and possibilities.

      Can you remodel a townhouse to accommodate a person with disabilities?

      Yes, our team has such experience. We will help you to design and implement the necessary work depending on your needs.

      The main feature of townhouse renovations is that the approach to renovation is different from renovating houses or condos. And it’s important to have a team that has experience with townhouse renovations specifically and will be able to pay attention to important points, including:

      1. the importance of inspecting the foundation before starting work for integrity (so that you don’t have cracks in the walls in the finished renovation, for example)
      2. nuances in the possibilities of redevelopment
      3. the need to take into account common walls and sewerage with neighbours
      4. the need to obtain permits for certain types of work

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