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Jul 07,2023

Our condo renovation was a very stressful process, but luckily the least stressful part was working with Zeev and Vitalii. We were given a four to six weeks estimate and they completed the renovation in four weeks and two days, which is great and we are very happy with the result.

May 13,2023

It was a really great experience – from the very beginning when we meat Zeev for the first time, and all the way through the end, when we had our handshakes upon the project’s completion. Every aspect of the project, each step in it, every detail, question, requests, suggestion, changes, additions – all was so easy to communicate. Knowledge about condo’s rules, their specifics, readiness to follow each and all of those requirements, friendly chats, help and advise – all that was a norm during the project.
In simple words: a stressless renovation everyone would wish for.

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Your Dream Space, Right on Schedule! Zeev, Founder
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Basement Apartment Renovation Process

      Why Choose CSG Renovation?

      Usual renovation experience
      • Management problems
      • Unclear price changes
      • All materials hassle on you
      • Minimal or no design
      • Unprofessional labour
      CSG Renovation
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      All About Basement Apartment Renovation

      A basement apartment also referred to as a second unit, is a rental unit normally located on the lowest level of an apartment building or a house. Such an apartment includes a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and a living area. Basement apartments provide all the necessary amenities for individuals to live comfortably.

      If you are looking for basement apartment renovation services don’t hesitate to contact us at (647) 428-0007. We look forward to helping you with your basement renovation needs!

      What Makes a Basement Apartment Legal in Ontario?

      In developed areas, basement apartments are recognized as a vital source of housing. This means they play a major role even in the real estate market of Toronto and GTA. Typically, a legal basement apartment in Ontario is a secondary unit that’s up to the Ontario building code requirements and standards. Therefore for your basement apartment to be termed as legal in Ontario it has to meet the following requirements:

      • A ceiling height of at least 1.95 meters (check out our low ceiling basement renovation service)
      • A space of at least 145 square feet
      • A fire separation between the apartment and the main unit of at least 30 minutes
      • Approval of cooling, electrical and heating systems from an Electrical Safety Authority electrician 
      • Windows that are at least 2.5% and 5% of the bedroom floor space and living floor space, respectively
      • Access to a sink, laundry, hot or cold water and a kitchen sink
      • Have a second exit (individual basement walkout)

      Benefits of Converting Your Basement Into Legal Apartment

      Assuming you are planning basement finishing to turn your space into a legal rentable basement apartment or a Toronto basement suite. Do you know that doing so can bring forth several advantages? 

      • Flexibility: A legal Toronto basement apartment can serve several purposes like a space for guests, a rental unit or a home office. This means you are not limited in terms of the purpose the basement can serve.
      • An Increase in Property Value: Although ensuring that the basement apartment meets all the building codes and safety standards is challenging, converting basement into studio apartment or into a legal apartment increases the value of your property. This attracts more potential buyers. For example, if the buyers were 10 prior to the renovation they become 20 or more after the conversion.

      Basement Legal Apartment in Toronto

      basement apartment renovation services in Toronto

      • Additional Source of Income: Converting a basement into a legal apartment calls for more spending primarily if you intend to make significant changes to the space. However, after converting it gives you an opportunity to rent it out hence providing a stable source of extra income for homeowners.
      • Affordable Housing: Despite the fact that maintaining basements can be challenging due to issues like ventilation, moisture and mold since the unit is not a unit above the ground, it is worth noting that they provide affordable housing options, especially for renters in urban areas where the cost of housing is very high.

      Our Basement Apartment Renovation Services in Toronto

      Trust CSG Renovation to offer you the best complex home renovation services or cottage renovation, whether you are in Toronto, GTA or Ontario and what you want: a basement renovation, an addition, or a light cosmetic renovation. Our basement apartment in Toronto services are comprehensive and affordable. They include the following:


      At CSG Renovation, we have a team of professionals who can provide electrical solutions such as the installation of electrical panes, lighting and wiring. They also ensure there is approval from a licensed Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) electrician. This helps ensure that the electrical work is done in a safe and up-to-code manner.


      CSG Renovation handles plumbing tasks like repairing leaks, replacing fixtures and installing new pipes. We ensure that your basement apartment has a kitchen sink, a bathroom, a bedroom, access to the laundry area, hot/cold water and all the required amenities. We don’t just do the work but rather do it correctly and efficiently!


      We understand that every basement apartment must have an emergency exit in case of an emergency like fire or smoke. Therefore, we construct emergency exists like egress windows and doors which come in handy in providing a safe exit in case of an emergency. Your safety is our priority!


      We install a fire suppression system in your apartment to help control and extinguish a fire in the basement apartment. Additionally, we install other fireproofing systems like fire caulking, fire-resistant drywall and fire-rated doors to prevent the spread of fire and offer additional safety to the occupants of the apartment.


      Do you want to increase the privacy of your basement apartment renters? We will help you do so. When working with us, we will provide solutions such as installing soundproofing materials like acoustic panels, soundproof curtains and insulation. Our goal is to help reduce noise transmission between rooms creating a quieter and more peaceful living environment.


      We ensure that legal basement apartments share ducts and furnaces with the main apartment while having special smoke detectors in the ducts that comply with UL268A to shut off the furnace in case of an emergency. We also ensure there is enough ventilation in the bathroom and kitchen by installing an exhaust fan or a window.

      What Are the Costs of a Legal Basement Apartment Renovation in Toronto?

      The cost of a legal basement renovation in Toronto varies but averagely ranges from $55 – $75 per square foot. If the basement has a square foot of 800 the renovation cost may vary between $40,000 – $60,000+. Also, if you want to add things like a bathroom, gypsum walls, basement apartment finishing and joint sealing, you might pay more than the standard amount. The factors that influence the final cost of legal basement apartment renovation in Toronto include:

      • The size of the basement
      • The materials and labor required
      • Complexity of the new designs
      • Upgrades to be made
      • Inspection and certification

      Call our managers at (647) 428-0007 today and we will give you a free consultation on the cost of your project as well as on the issues of basement renovation financing.

      What Types of Rooms Can Be Created by Our Basement Finishing Company?

      When planning to renovate your basement apartment in Toronto, you must choose professionals who are good at what they do or a reputable basement renovation company and basement finishing company like CSG Renovation. Here are several reasons why you should choose us:

      • We have an array of affordable selections, and thus, you won’t need to go overboard with your budget when working with us.
      • Our company offers financing terms that are flexible for you as we know that our clients have other financial plans aside from the renovation.
      • At CSG Renovation, we have the best designers, licensed electricians, plumbers and builders armed with extensive expertise ready to give your basement apartment a new look!
      basement renovations Stouffville

      basement renovation in New Tecumseth


      • Our company offers personalized basement apartment renovation solutions that meet your specific needs and reflect your preferences and personality.
      • We have full insurance coverage to cover you in case of any injuries or damage during the renovation process.
      • Our customer support is friendly and responsive, always looking forward to handling your queries and consultations with quickness and ease.

      We Make All Types of Renovation Simple

      We are qualified to do work in all renovation services in Toronto and GTA.

      CSG Renovation is a company that offers quality service and 100% customer satisfaction. We make legal basement renovation, office and commercial renovation, townhouse and condo renovation, residential home renovation simple, with our qualified team we take pride in taking care of all your renovation needs under one roof.

      About Us

      We’re looking forward helping you

      Don’t wait to get on the home project you’ve been thinking about. Our team has alot to offer you!


      Frequently asked question and all you want to know!
      How can I improve my basement apartment?

      The main point of reference: get your basement apartment in line with where you would like to live. Here are some examples of what we most often renovate in basement apartments:

      1. separate entrance
      2. full windows (if it’s possible)
      3. temperature and humidity level in the room (waterproofing + ventilation and heating system)
      4. a comfortable kitchen area with the necessary modern appliances
      5. shower and bathtub in the bathroom
      6. new sanitary equipment
      7. high ceiling
      8. modern design
      9. sufficient storage space
      How do you convert my basement into a studio apartment?

      Here’s a simplified outline of what you’re gonna do:

      1. reinforcing the foundation and walls (if necessary)
      2. raising the ceiling (if necessary)
      3. waterproofing and insulation
      4. design project
      5. building the necessary walls and partitions for zoning
      6. plumbing and wiring
      7. finishing works
      8. furniture installation

      When working with us, we will take all the issues and stages on ourselves, apply our experience to take into account all the important steps and nuances and provide you with a legal apartment in the basement.

      How can I legalize my basement apartment in Toronto?

      To legalise a basement flat, you need:

      1. Make sure that the apartment meets the requirements, such as a separate entrance, lighting, ceiling height, zoning, plumbing, etc. The requirements are in the Ontario Building Code.
      2. Check with the Electrical Safety Authority, fire service and local municipality.
      3. Obtain an opinion and certificate.
      Is it necessary to work with a certified contractor for my basement apartment?

      If you use an uncertified contractor, you will have to take responsibility for compliance. This will require consulting with a lawyer or ordering a design project from a professional familiar with legal basement regulations.

      Thus, it is more cost-effective to hire a licensed company like CSG Renovation and have all the work done in one place, with a guarantee of both work and compliance.

      Does a basement apartment need two exits?

      A legal basement flat is classified as a second dwelling unit. All legal second rooms must have a second escape route if the main entrance is through the main room.

      Therefore, a legal flat must have its own separate entrance/exit to comply with fire safety regulations. The second means of egress will be through the main house, i.e. a passageway must be maintained between the basement flat and the main house.

      Does the basement apartment comply with the fire code?

      When working with us, we take fire regulations into account in the design and renovation. The final flat will definitely comply with fire regulations.

      Should I DIY my basement apartment?

      Before making such a decision, you should study all the norms that a basement apartment must comply with and the stages of its legalisation.

      If you are not a certified master of this particular profile, you will also have to master many types of specific work.

      Whether it is worth it is up to you. In contrast, by hiring our team, you give the responsibility of quality and compliance to us. In addition, you get a guarantee.

      How much does it cost to convert a basement into an apartment?

      Depending on the current condition of your basement and the work required to furnish a legal basement apartment, the total cost can range from $18,000 to $60,000.

      Each case is different, so it is worth contacting our managers at (647) 428-0007 for advice and cost calculation.

      The main point of reference: get your basement apartment in line with where you would like to live. Here are some examples of what we most often renovate in basement apartments:

      1. separate entrance
      2. full windows (if it’s possible)
      3. temperature and humidity level in the room (waterproofing + ventilation and heating system)
      4. a comfortable kitchen area with the necessary modern appliances
      5. shower and bathtub in the bathroom
      6. new sanitary equipment
      7. high ceiling
      8. modern design
      9. sufficient storage space

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