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Our Home Renovations Services

Home renovation in Toronto. Services include basement finishing full home and office renovation.

Basement Renovations

If you’re thinking of renovating your basement so you could actually get some use out of it instead of simply keeping what you don’t need in there, this is the time! We will help renovate your basement and turn it into a room filled with possibilities. Whether you’re looking for a usable space or work station, we will guide you regarding the choice of furniture, the paint and everything in between to ensure the space is useful and aesthetically pleasing.


Condo Renovations

We will help you get the perfect home you have always dreamed of. Whether it is beautiful marble countertops, custom cabinets, or detailed backsplash – CSG Renovation will make it possible with ease. We all deserve a beautiful and sleek condo that has its own personality custom to you.


Bathroom Renovations

Whether you’re looking for a pastel finish or a darker remodeling, we’ll give you numerous colour possibilities, complimenting your bedroom. You can even show us your references of designer bathrooms and we can tone them down according to the feasibility of your house while taking inspiration from them. The possibilities are endless; speak to our home renovation experts and get a bathroom of your dream.


Commercial Renovation

The best thing about getting commercial revamping done is getting to explore how you can change the mood and work environment of your building or office to give it a brand new feel. We provide our commercial clients with various pre-made designs and templates to ensure the remodeling process is seamless and easy to navigate.


Toronto Home Renovation and Remodeling Contractor

Over time, our house needs maintenance and renovation to make it look as good as new. The thought that was initially invested behind making it look exactly like you wanted is required again, after a couple of years. If you’re looking for Toronto home renovation experts who can not just translate your dreams into reality but also grant you the feeling of pure delight when you see the changes in your house, we’re the team you need.

We are a home renovation company based in Toronto. Our mission is to make your home an improved version of what it currently is. Our remodeling experts are skilled and experienced who are constantly striving for a comfortable and delightful lifestyle for you. To know more about our team, services and how well we can work with your makeover ideas, call us today.

Some of Our Work

Home renovation Toronto
home remodeling contractor
Home renovation experts in Toronto
Home renovation Toronto
home remodeling contractor
Home renovation experts in Toronto

What Our Clients Say

“As a Toronto real estate agent I have worked with many contractors and developers. CSG Renovation has always been one of the top go to companies for me and my clients have always thanked me! If you are looking for quality work and unsurpassed service, be sure to give them a call”

Gregorio Robinson Toronto, ON

“CSG Renovation company has done impeccable work for a resonable price for many years now. Our family’s have done business together for the better part of a decade and each experience is even better than last. I dare you to find better work for a more competitive price.”

Cora White Mississauga, ON

“We boght an old condo and had to ranovate the whole thing. CSG Renovation made our lives so much easier! Rather than to handle 10 different contractors we just had to deal with one! The whole time we always spoke to one project manager who handled all his team of professionals including plumbers and electricians. within less than a month our condo was beyond recognizable. Everything looked new and amazing. Definitely recommend CSG Renovation for all renovation projects”

Susana Levy Toronto, ON
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Better than Your Average Renovation Companies

Our remodeling experts are dedicated and passionate. Toronto is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and we want to replicate the aesthetics of the nature into your house or workplace. We work day in and out to ensure your renovation and remodeling dreams come to life within the monetary and spatial constraints we may have. Our renovation experts are skilled, trained and experienced enough to perform home renovation in Toronto.

We Add Value to Your Residential Properties

A question most of our clients ask us is regarding the value and worth of remodeling or renovating their homes. Think of it this way; you’re making your house more useful and beautiful over the course of time. When you invest in your house in terms of creating more space or adding an innovative feel, you’re directly impacting its value. Whatever changes you make to your house are going to be returned to you when you sell the house. There is an approximate of 80% return on investment when you revamp your house. So if you’re worried whether the investment is worth it or not, it definitely is.

House Renovation Benefits

While there are a lot of benefits of renovating your home, here are a few:

  1. Adds value to your house
  2. Makes it trendier
  3. Increases utility
  4. Improved aesthetics
  5. Immediately adds to comfort and functionality
  6. Fixes minor breakages
  7. Lets you avoid the concerns of moving to a new house

These are just a few benefits you will immediately experience once you’ve gotten your house renovated and remodeled from our remodeling contractors.

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