Condo Renovation Ideas

Repairing your condo gives it a fresh and customized look. As such, you can maximize your space. Room by room renovation can be undertaken to bring out the desired outcome for the whole condo.

Condo Kitchens Renovations Ideas

In most architectural plans, condo kitchens are allocated small spaces, thus being dark and messy. During the renovation, an open plan kitchen is the best option as it maximizes space.Condo Renovation Ideas


If you choose not to knock down the walls, ensure that that they are brightly painted. Your kitchen will appear bigger. Use of subway tile on the walls also gives your kitchen a bigger and unique look.

Use a consistent floor material. Wood flooring is the most preferred. You also have the option of using dark-colored tiles in the kitchen.  Matched with the brighter walls, this will give the kitchen a bigger look.

For the countertop, use soapstone. This is because the countertop is easier to clean. If your kitchen has an open plan, you can extend it and make bar stools. You can take meals with your family from these points.

Lighting is essential for safety in the kitchen. During the renovation, install hanging pendant lights. These will effectively light up your kitchen. You can also fix more lights under the cabinet.

Condo Living Rooms Renovations Ideas

This is the most critical section in a condo. Typically, it is the largest room in the house. With an open plan kitchen, space is even bigger.

Make the walls attractive and straightforward. For dark colors for the wall, make patterns with the paints to make it beautiful. You can also incorporate hand-painted designs to make the walls more interesting. Bright colors, however, are the most preferred choice. They make the room look bigger. Make the windows bigger to attract more natural light for your living room to look bigger.Condo Renovation Ideas

If your floor is open plan, install a hardwood floor. However, in instances that your floor is enclosed, you can opt for a carpet.

Furnish the living room with a large upholstered sectional couch. This assures you of enough sitting space. Coffee tables are equally important as they give you a focus area around which you can arrange your furniture.

Installing a bigger light compared to those in other rooms is essential for the living room. You can use either chandeliers or large pendant lights. You can also install more lights on the walls. You also have the option of installing large mirrors on the walls to make it appear big.

Condo Bathrooms Renovations Ideas

Bathrooms are small but vital spaces in a condo. Come up with a strategic layout to design them.

You can either repaint the wall or retile it. When painting, the color should be bright. Install the tiles in a standard straight design or a geometric manner. This makes the wall more attractive.

The floor has to be tiled with bathroom tiles. Since the walls are brightly colored, the tiles used on the floor have to be dark.

To avoid high-cost implications, update the initial furnishings. You can replace the fogged glasses with new ones. Replace the sink with one that best suits the new fixtures.

Install floating box shelves to minimize on the limited space in your bathroom. The boxes will help you with storage.

Condo Bedrooms Renovations Ideas

Bedroom space should be comforting and relaxing. Your renovation should make these a reality.

Use soft colors on the walls. Dull colors will make the room dark. Create storage spaces on the wall by mounting shelves.

Hardwood floors are the best. There is also the option of carpeting. Rugs can also be used to supplement the room.

Do not overcrowd the bedroom with furniture. Also, the storage spaces created shouldn’t be as open as those in other rooms. Use storage pieces as they maximize your space.

Your bedroom needs soft lighting. String lighting is very flexible. Ceiling lights are also likely to grant you soft lighting. Install large mirrors on the walls to make the room appear bigger.

Other Condo Renovation Ideas

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