2019 Kitchen Renovation Costs in Toronto

At some point, you will need to renovate your kitchen. Budgeting is an aspect of planning when undertaking such exercises. In Toronto, the costs are comparatively higher.

When doing minor kitchen renovations, you are likely to spend $28,495. When doing mid-range renovation, you are likely to spend up to $81,584. Upscale renovation is likely to attract a bill of $155,309.

Kitchen Renovation Costs in Toronto in 2019

Visits to different homes are likely to give you a feel of the prices involved in Kitchen renovation. The more customized and luxurious the products are, the more expensive they become.

Cost of kitchen remodeling materials

The cabinetry happens to be the most expensive feature in a kitchen. It attracts high material and labor costs. Customization and decorations further aggravate this. Drawers happen to be more expensive compared to shelves. Deeper cabinets are likely to provide more storage for the kitchen.

You should Budget for permits and design

  • Building requirements

This includes the needed budget and the design of the kitchen. It also involves considerations such as insurance cover for the contractor, among other factors.

  • City permits

Nature of the repair undertaken dictates charges imposed by respective City’s requirements. More sophisticated works are likely to attract high charges. Take, for instance, if you are going to redo your plumbing connections. This will attract a higher charge compared to a simple renovation that does not carter for the same.

  • Design

When you are designing the kitchen, you will have to involve experts to help you come up with a detailed drawing. This drawing details all the features of the kitchen. Major intended changes automatically translate into higher charges. This will also mean that you involve the services of a registered architecture. It will be impossible to get permits from the City Building Department if the architectural plan is not from a professional. Professional fees are higher; hence, they will inflate your budget. Types of kitchen:

  1. U-shaped
  2. L-shaped
  3. I-shaped
  4. C-shaped

Kitchen Renovation Costs in Toronto

  • Site Preparation

Before the commencement of the renovation, the site has to be prepared. The old fixtures are supposed to be removed in preparation for the new ones. This needs labor, which is costly. The same is done to the floor in preparation for the new floor of your house. For instance, when changing the floor from ceramic tiles to terrazzo, you will have to undo the existing floor to pave the way for the new one.

  • Installation

Different installations are expected to be fixed in your renovated kitchen. They include countertop, drawers, cabinets, and sinks, among others. Improper installation of these leads to a poor quality finish. This means that this work must be done by professionals who will leave nothing to chance. These will automatically be billed in the general contractor’s budget.

  • Overhead costs

Contractors are likely to include overhead costs in the budget, making it become bigger. These costs include administration and insurance, among others. These will make the process expensive for you as the homeowner.

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