Stages of Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation is one of the most difficult types of repair. Such repair is not worth doing yourself if you do not have the necessary skills. Repair consists of several stages, which involve different experts, and ensuring the perfect coordination of each stage of repair will help turn it into a stress-free process with a satisfactory result.

The following steps will guide you through the process, whether you have decided to do or supervise all the installation and construction work yourself, or have involved a kitchen designer to supervise them for you.

Kitchen Design Project

Before you start building, you need to think about the design of the kitchen and what you want to achieve with the kitchen repair. At this stage, you should hire a professional designer who has the necessary knowledge, will be able to protect you from the wrong steps, as well as explore different ideas, materials, colours, appliances and many other items that are suitable for your current and future life. Stages of kitchen renovation in Toronto

This will create a clear and concise picture of what your new kitchen should look like. Explore all the options of layout and choice of materials. Spending a little extra time now, you will not regret it later. Then all your thoughts should be transferred to the drawing, with a choice of places for each kitchen appliance or furniture. It is important to indicate the size of the furniture and appliances in the drawing. Pay attention: the appliances should be next to a socket, taps and sinks – next to water pipes.

Preparatory Works

To create a new space, you must remove the old one. You should take out all the furniture, get rid of the old finish, countertops, existing cabinets. You will need a plumber and an electrician to unplug all your appliances, sink, faucet and gas outlets before the cabinets are removed. Deciding to change the floor? You should remove the old flooring. If you are planning a large-scale redevelopment, you should remove the partitions and doors.

Kitchen Renovation Time

At this stage, most of the dirty work is done:

  1. dismantling or construction of new walls;
  2. replacement of windows;
  3. work with the ceiling and the floor.

At this stage, there should also be rough work on the installation of all plumbing and electrical equipment, including laying electrical wiring for your home appliances and installing new lighting fixtures and electrical installations.

Installation of flooring can be done in two ways: before installing all the main components of the kitchen or after. Installation after ensures that the floor will not be damaged by workers who walk on it during the repair. In this case, the floors are laid around your kitchen cabinets. Alternatively, you can install new floors at the very beginning of the process so that the floors cover all the kitchen space, and new cabinets are installed on top.

After completing the necessary construction work can be installed new kitchen cabinets, countertops. The timing of the installation of new cabinets will depend on the size of your kitchen. Installation can be done by yourself or contact the specialists. Most often, new kitchen cabinets and countertops are made to order, to perfectly integrate them into the existing kitchen.

Household Appliance Connection

The new home appliances are an ideal addition to the new kitchen. At this stage, the oven, hob, sink and faucet are connected. You will need to contact a plumber or electrician to professionally fit your appliances, gas and water to your new kitchen. If you decide to make the fridge built-in, you will need to additionally carefully insert the fridge into the niche and hang the facades.

After that, you should conduct a large-scale cleaning, unpack and place the dishes in their places, hang the kitchen decor, put kitchen plants.

And the last point: enjoy your new kitchen in all its beauty!

To meet the budget for repairs, to perform it without delay, get a kitchen as you imagined it, pay enough attention to the design project. Complex stages of work are better to entrust people who know about it than to lose even more time to correct various errors. Combining all this into one, you will know where to start repairing the kitchen. If you want to renovate your kitchen in Toronto and the suburbs, be sure to contact the CSG Renovation team! Now we have discounts for basement renovations in Newmarket. With a wealth of experience in the home renovation industry, we can help you design the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of and coordinate the entire kitchen renovation process for you.