Bathroom Renovation Costs in Toronto 2019

Bathroom renovation comes with cost implications for the developer. There are some fixtures that will need financing. The same will apply to the contractor who will demand payment. Equally, the city authorities have to be paid fees for these renovations to be done.

Best Bathroom Renovation Guide 2019

Bathroom Renovation Costs

In Toronto, a mid-range renovation will cost you up to $28,106. Upscale renovation on the other end will cost you a whopping $84,704. To best establish the cost of bathroom renovation, you will have to consider various aspects of the process itself.

Materials and finishes

These comprise the most thought about components of the bathroom renovation process. You will have to establish the price of these materials. Establish the prices of the wall and the floor tiles, the sink prices, the shower prices, the price of the shower enclosure, the bathtub, the toilet and the medicines cabinet prices, among others.  Depending on the budget you have set aside, you can decide on whether to pick from the locally manufactured fixtures or go for the imported ones if working with a bigger budget.

Permits and design

There are hidden costs when it comes to renovations. You will have to consider all these in your budget before you embark on the renovation process.

Bathroom Renovation Costs in 2019

One of these costs is insurance coverage. This will prevent you from working with professionals who have lesser valued insurance coverage. Professionals with higher value insurances are expensively hired.

Secondly, you will have to obtain construction permits from the City authorities. Depending on the magnitude of the renovation, you will have to budget for this. Extensive renovations that alter both electrical and plumbing works will attract higher charges as they require highly specialized labor.


Your intended renovation features have to be put down on paper for effective guidance for the contractor. This details all the intended improvements due to be made in the bathroom. This has to be done by an expert. Usually, architecture is hired to come up with this artistic impression of the bathroom.

Demolition and site prep

For your bathroom to get a better look, all the old materials and fixtures will have to be removed to allow for the new developments. This requires a lot of labor hence inflating the cost of renovation. When the walls are demolished, flaws in the electrical system and even the plumbing system will have to be corrected by the contractor. This also bears cost implications on the project.


This refers to the incorporation of all the purchased materials. These include the medicine cabinet, the sink, shower and bathtub among other installations. The bathroom’s size will dictate the customization strategies required. This is also a labor-intensive procedure and requires specialization. As such, the installation of these materials will prove to be costly.

Overhead cost

When you engage a contractor, they will include all the overhead costs on the budget. Such charges include administrative costs and insurance, among others.

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