Making Bathroom Looks Bigger

If you own a small, cramped bathroom, you probably experience periodic annoyance when you and someone else in the family might need something in the room at the same time. One option to solve this problem without evicting anyone from the house is to enlarge the bathroom at the expense of another room, but we suggest more affordable and less costly ways.

Use Сompact Furniture and Decorations

Everything needs balance, and if the room is small, so should the items in it. If you feel like your bathroom is cramped because the sink is too big or the cabinet is taking up more space than you need, replace it with a smaller one. Use the space wisely. The same goes for any other items in the bathroom. It’s not the cheapest way, but compact pieces will give you a greater sense of space and freedom of movement. A compact corner sink is an alternative to a bulky rectangular washbasin. And if you choose a variant with a small pedestal, it will immediately solve the problem with storage of hygiene products.

Making Bathroom Looks Bigger

Add Mirrors

A hackneyed but good rule of thumb is that a mirror visually enlarges space. If your bathroom has a window, install a mirror in front of it, it will help to create the illusion that the walls are not so close to each other. This way you will expand the room.

Add Light

This is more of a psychological trick, but being able to see all corners clearly and distinctly will give the impression of more space than it really is. It’s important to keep the entire room well lit. Upgrade light bulbs and fixtures – new bulbs give brighter light. Arrange the light sources so that they illuminate the entire space of the room evenly. To do this, you can use several devices: wall sconces, ceiling lights, etc. A room with a lot of light will visually increase its size.

Use Light Colors

Small rooms seem larger when their walls and ceiling are finished with light materials. Today this approach is used not only for bathrooms, but also for any other small rooms. Against the background of snow-white walls, bright towels, shelves with bottles and other accessories will look very advantageous and unusual. The white color of the walls is beneficial not only for the visual enlargement of the space. On white tiles will not be noticeable stains that remain from water droplets. As the main color, use white or beige tiles. Afraid that after such a repair the interior will be too simple? Finish one of the narrow walls with a contrasting color.

Use Small Tile Size

If you choose to tile the walls in the bathroom, then choose one that has a small size. The way it is laid is also important. The feeling of increasing perspective is well conveyed by mosaic tiles. Pay attention to Moroccan or Arabian styles.

Perfect Bathroom Order

No matter how big your bathroom is, if there’s no order in it, it will always seem smaller than it really is. So make the most of every hidden space to hide as many bubbles, jars and other hygiene items as possible. On the role of geocaches fit places under the sink and under the bathtub, if you decide to leave it Casino Operators ready to support credit cards ban. Hanging corner cabinets can be a good helper. Preferably with mirrored or glossy doors, so that the light reflected in them (thus also increasing the space). Yes, many designers recommend doing open shelves in small bathrooms, but if you keep very personal hygiene items here, you will not want to expose them.