The Best Flooring to Lay In a Condo

If your condo floor cannot prevent sound from a different floor, you will be dissatisfied and uncomfortable. This calls for immediate remodeling of the floor. Let us look at some of the options that condo owners in Toronto have.


Laminates tend to emulate the appearance of hardwood in a beautiful manner. However, they lack the texture of genuine hardwood when you step on them. The look is consistent, and they tend to be comparatively cheap.

Laminates are also easier to maintain and are usually installed with a waterproof underlay. We resolve all CSG condo Renovation contractors problems.

Best Flooring to Lay In a Condo


There are also those condo owners who prefer using engineered hardwood. These will give you the longest lifespan for your condo floor. Vinyl and laminate bear striking similarities with hardwood in terms of appearance.

However, none of these materials bear the same feel and texture as hardwood. It is also easier to clean and should be cared for appropriately. The greatest benefit it offers is its soundproofing capabilities. This means that you will have to limit the areas within which they get installed.


This is arguably one of the oldest flooring options. In the recent past, improvements have been made in their manufacturing process, making them stain-resistant.

They are also to repel allergens and microbes. It offers one of the best soundproofing qualities. They are also easy to clean these days and can stay in shape for a very long period. You should, however, avoid the beige color as they appear outdated.


Ceramic tiles have in the recent past gained popularity in condo renovation. They come in different colors and sizes. Depending on your need, these tiles also come in several shapes. They also have very different uses.

Tiles usually echo sounds. This calls for other strategies in countering the sound if you have to use it on your floor. You can first install a soundproof underlay before fixing the tiles on the floor. It is also important to remark that tiles have a very long lifespan. Ensure that you use them in your condo’s bathroom, kitchen, and mudroom. You will be amazed at the results.


It is also important that you don’t despise vinyl when soundproofing your condo’s floor. With the latest technology, they are very durable. This saves you money as you will not have to redo the floor shortly.

Vinyl is also waterproof and soundproof. It can also handle traffic for a long time. It can withstand sand, dirt, and mud. This serves as the best option for your condo. It will enhance soundproofing. It is also attractive as it can incorporate either a hardwood or a stone look. You can be assured that the maintenance cost will be pocket-friendly.

Choosing on any of these floors will be of great help to you when intending to soundproof your floor. All you need to do is consult a technician to help you identify the best option for you.