How Long Does It Take To Renovate a Condo

If the question how long does it take to renovate an apartment has become relevant to you, you will find all the answers in this article.

In Toronto, the greatest determinant of time spent renovating a condo depends on the floor size. Let us look at some of the condo renovation steps and the length of time each of them takes.

How Long Does It Take To Renovate a Condo


Just before the condo renovation begins, many preparations need to be taken care of. We explain the steps to remodel a condo in this category hereby.

STEP 1: Close on your property

The first step in this process is to obtain ownership of the condo. Usually, this can take up to three months. Within this period, you can start planning what will be done during the condo renovation process. If you have some problems that need care, be sure to check out our CSG condo Renovations.

STEP 2: Post your project

You can then post the project on any of the construction websites. This will consequently attract bids from different technicians. Ensure you give the details of what you intend to do. This should take between one and three days.

STEP 3: Schedule site visits and solicit bids

After you have checked through the profiles of the bidding technicians, you can plan for a site visit with the applicants. This will give them an opportunity to understand the details of the condo renovation. This should take about one to two or three weeks.

STEP 4: Level bids and choose a contractor

Following the condo visit, you can look at the subsequent written bids. Compare and contrast these bids within a week or two.

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STEP 5: Sign the contract and finalize construction schedule

After vetting the bids, you can settle on one technician to do the condo’s renovation. The technician should specify the work that will be done and the period for the same exercise. Ensure this is done within a week.

STEP 6: Obtain permits and approvals

This might range widely. It needs condo visitation by the city inspector. In Toronto, this can take at most two weeks.

STEP 7: Source materials

You can order the materials at this point. You can research widely to get some of the best materials within the shortest time possible. Involve the technician when sourcing for these products. At most, this will take you a whole month.

STEP 8: Tell your neighbors you’re renovating

Considering that you got approval from the condo board, you can let your neighbors know what you intend to do. This will take you about 15 minutes.


This equally has several phases that will have to be addressed.

STEP 9: It’s demo time

At this point, the technician can move in to demolish the walls he deems fit. This will also eat up some time, usually three to five days.

STEP 10: Reroute plumbing and electrical

Within two to four days, the electrical connections and plumbing works will have to be renovated and be fixed appropriately. Do not do this if your condo board prohibits it.

STEP 11: City inspections and sign-offs

If the condo renovations that are done on the plumbing and electrical works need approval from the authorities, the technician will wait for the approvals before closing the walls. At most, this step should take four days.

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STEP 12: Installation – floors

You most probably want your floor to be done effectively. It also has to be consistent in the whole house. This should take the technician between five and twelve days.

STEP 13: Installation completion

At this point, the kitchen can be installed. What follows should be the bathroom followed by the hallway and bedroom. This is the most detailed process. The quickest technician will do it within five days. However, it can take you up to twenty days to complete.

STEP 14: Clean-up

You can decide to hire a cleaning company to help you clean the condo. This is usually a day’s work.


condo renovation in toronto final stage

These are equally important steps that you should not ignore.

STEP 15: Final walk-through with the contractor

It is now time to review whether the technician has delivered his side of the bargain. Inspect the condo with your technician within an hour or two. You can make the condo renovation approval and final payment at this juncture.