Increase Space in Your Condo

Your apartment can’t boast of extra square meters? In the case of repair or redevelopment, everything is simple: we remove the walls and partitions, paint the room in white, put the windows bigger – and free space, even more. And what to do if you want to expand the room without repair?

Pastel Color Scheme

The white color reflects the sun’s rays, filling the room with air and warmth. In addition, white blends perfectly with other shades of the palette, and is ideal for almost any interior. The interiors, made in light tones, look warmer and cozier, as well as better reflect light and make the space open. When condo renovation team choose a color for the ceiling, forget about dark shades: they make the atmosphere uncomfortable and reduce the space in the room. Fill the house with light by painting the ceiling in delicate pastel tones. So it will seem taller, and the room will be more spacious.

Increase Space in Your Condo in Toronto

Add the Light

Light, natural or artificial, is vital for the apartment. Even if the decoration is dark, a large number of lamps will make the interior lighter and lighter, and therefore, visually freer. Arrange them at different levels: a common chandelier under the ceiling, floor and wall lamps in different areas of the room. This way you will cover the whole space and make it even brighter.

Buy a large beautiful chandelier, combined with the living room interior, and hang it as high as possible. At the entrance to the room, the view will first of all fall on the light source, so the ceiling in the living room will be higher.

Hang the Mirror

You can even have a few. After all, thanks to reflections, even the smallest room will seem wider and larger. And if you put a floor lamp next to the mirror, the light will be reflected and make the room lighter. That’s why a mirror is a universal tool for visually expanding space.

Glass Furniture

Small pieces of furniture made of glass and other light materials look stylish and fresh, bring variety to the interior and expand the space. After all, even large pieces of furniture made of glass look weightless and therefore do not clutter the interior space. For example, put transparent plastic chairs with thin legs in your living room. They look completely weightless and do not load the interior as solid wood furniture or with fabric upholstery.

Keep Things in Order

Order – the first step to a visual increase in a small room: free the window sill from books and plants. The windows let in light and fill the room with air, so also try to leave them open and free of unnecessary things.

Multifunctional Furniture

The great option for those who are limited to square meters: it makes the interior more spacious. The main thing is that you can comfortably lay out the sofa bed or extend the dining table. So choose a suitable place for transformable furniture – taking into account its size.


Large and wide longitudinal stripe is the most successful pattern for small rooms. Thanks to it, the space is visually increased, and in the desired direction: horizontal stripes on the carpet sliding walls, vertical on the curtains – will lift the ceiling. To make the room does not look too motley, use strips of two light shades, or let the colors contrast with each other – for this will be suitable classic combination of white and black.