Basement Renovation

CSG Renovation is proud to serve basement renovation in Toronto and all across the Greater Toronto Area.

What Is a Basement Renovation

A basement is the most underrated space of any house. It can be renovated with sleek design, modern furniture and appliances to make a liveable space. It can be a great money spinner too.

We will help you in navigating the planning of basement renovation, getting inspiring design ideas and making your basement a fun place to be in!

At the time of reselling or renting your home, your remodeled and well-decored basement will add extra value to your house value. If you are considering the renovation of your house in Toronto, start by jazzing up your basement.

Crucial Factors to Consider Before You Renovate Your Basement

We have jotted down a few essential factors to consider for basement remodeling:

  • Floorplan
  • Type of Cabinets
  • Theatre, PlayStation, Music System and other appliances
  • Lighting
  • Flooring style

Our Basement Renovation Service

The cost of a basement renovation varies as it depends on the choice of appliances, systems and devices installed, materials, flooring and lighting. Remodeling cost varies entirely based on whether you want your basement to look simple or luxurious.

Our recommendation would be to check the cost-vis-à-vis feasibility factor after comparing the budget you have kept aside for the renovation project.

CSG Renovation Inc service contractors have a large bouquet of renovation service offerings:

Remodeling your basement increases the living space of your home and add more comfort and convenience to your daily life. The cost of renovation doesn’t pinch as much as remodeling your house or buying a new one. The basement should look like your cozy personal space, for that the design should be spruced up to match your persona and likings. Here are some of the examples of design elements that you can consider:

  • Install a home theater possibly with Dolby surround sound;
  • Create a cute little office space for your business work;
  • Dedicate a corner for a tastefully decorated artist’s workshop;
  • Get that dream laundry room designed that you saw in a weekly magazine;
  • Add in a children’s game room for that fiery X-Box session;
  • Build a bar to showcase the classy single malts of the world;
  • Get a “Me space” designed to gift those relaxing me times to yourself
  • Convert your basement into a cozy little apartment suitable for both your parents and children
  • Turn it into a rental property for a steady side hustle
  • Make it a work of art so that every time you step in, your heart gets filled with appreciation.